CNCW Rules – National CW Contest



Announced Operations

Call Category Prov. Comments
EA1EZZ SINGLE-OP 40M LE A por otro año más, 73 y buen concurso para tod@s.
EA2NA SINGLE-OP ALL QRP NA Dme 31107 nos es escuchamos
EA4URE MULTI-MULTI HQ Multi for everyone
EA5GOR SINGLE-OP LP ALL A suerte a tod@s – intentando mejorar, paciencia -73
EA5LN SINGLE-OP LP ALL V A ver si este año no falla nada la propa acompaña

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CNCW Bases in Portuguese

LIII National CW Contest

Sponsored by: Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles (URE).

To participate in this contest, the specific bases of the competition must be complied with, as well as the General Regulation of URE Competitions.

Participants: Any EA and CEPT licensed station transmitting from EA (all districts, example EA1/W1XXX) and URE members, EA or foreigners, that are outside of Spain.

Dates: 3rd full weekend of July (20-21, 2024), from 1200 UTC Saturday till 2259 UTC Saturday and from 0500UTC till 1159UTC Sunday).

Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, in the segments recommended by the IARU for this mode.


1. Single Operator All band EA, High Power (SINGLE-OP ALL HIGH).
2. Single Operator All band EA Low Power (SINGLE-OP ALL LOW).
3. Single Operator All band EA QRP (SINGLE-OP ALL QRP).
4. Single Operator All band EA YOUTH (SINGLE-OP ALL YOUTH).
5. Single Operator Single Band EA. (SINGLE-10 15 20 40 or 80).
6. Multi Operator EA, Multiband only (MULTI-MULTI ALL).


a. High power ( Max. 1000 watts), Low power ( max. 100 watts ) and QRP (max. 5 watts).

b. The use of clusters is permitted in all categories. Self spotting, asking others to spot you, undercover spots or any spots from multioperator team members, will result in disqualification.

c. In the Single Operator categories, only one transmitted signal on the air is permitted at any time.

d. In the Single Operator single band categories, QSOs may be made on other bands but the operator can only opt for an award on one band. The callsign must appear in a minimum of 5 lists.

e. In the Multi operator categories, only one transmitted signal per band at any one time is permitted. All transmitters, receivers, and antennas must be within a radius of 500m.

f. Only one callsign is allowed to be used for the duration of the contest.

g. To participate in the YOUTH category, the age will be a maximum of 25 years old.

Valid Contacts: A single QSO per band with each station in each period of the contest. The same QSO can be repeated with the same station on the same band as long as it is once in each period (12 to 23 UTC and from 05 to 12 UTC).

Stations may be contacted only once per band. A valid qso will be in 10 lists.

Exchange: RST plus the provincial abbreviation. EA4URE will send RST and “HQ”, EA or foreigners, outside of Spain, will send RST and SU (URE Members in Spanish).

Rating: One point for each valid QSO.


– Each province (51) minus your own province, once per band.
– Each District minus your own (8) once per band
– Official Station EA4URE (HQ) once per band (5).
– SU (URE Member abroad) (5) once per band.

The total score will be the sum of valid QSOs multiplied by the sum of multipliers.

Trophies and Awards:

– Trophy and paper Award to the Champion in each category.

– Award for champions of each district in the categories SOAB HP, LP and QRP, unless a district champion opts for another award.

– Special Award on paper for Champions of each district in each category.

– Paper Participation Award to:

For the top 15 in SOAB HP

For the top 10 in SOAB LP

For the top 5 in SOAB QRP

For the top 5 in SOSB

For the top 3 in MM

– PDF Award downloadable from the web to all participants with at least 100 valid QSOs in SOAB and 50 in SOSB

– PDF Award downloadable from the web to all participants in Multioperator stations.

– All Awards will be endorsable accreditations year.

– Participation award to all contesters that will be downloaded, after end and checking of the contest, from the web.

EA Special Prize: The winners in the categories SOAB and MM will get the opportunity to operate in the 2024 edition, the Multiplier and HQ station of URE “EA4URE” located in Avda. Monte Igueldo 102 – Madrid.
-All endorsable Awards, accreditations year.
* Special Paper Award to fidelity: For the OM who participated and sent the lists, according to the rules, for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years with a minimum of 50 valid for contest QSOs.

Disclaimer: All list that breach any of paragraphs (including lists prepared) will not count as participation in that year for the purposes of this Award.

The exchange SU will be used exclusively by URE Members stations that broadcast abroad.

Note: To qualify for accreditation, it is obligatory to have the minimum required for QSO Award, as well as meet the rules in all sections, including the date of receipt of lists.

Logs: All logs must be submitted electronically in cabrillo format.

Log sending instructions: The log-file is to be submitted in Cabrillo-format via

The receipt of the log will be automatically confirmed by an email with a message of possible errors in the log. You will receive your UBN-file by email.

Submitted logs will form part of the GDURE (URE logbook, used for automatic award validation purposes).

Problems with submitting your log on the web page? Please contact HF Contest Committee

Logs must be received by 5 August 2024 (15 days). Any logs submitted after that date will not be valid. Any logs submitted after that date will be used as a checklog.

Your comments and anecdotes will be welcome.

General information:

Submitting an entry to this contest implies full acceptance of the rules, and the following decisions taken by the organising committee, accepted and authorised by URE:

All logs submitted can be made fully public (Radioaficionados magazine and URE website), in order to be checked and to verify contacts between participants.

Photos of participation in the contest which are submitted can be used for publication in the Radioaficionados magazine and the URE website.

Results are made public in the Radioaficionados magazine and on the URE website, diplomas being available for downloading on the website.

If deemed necessary, information may be requested to other organisations outside URE, with the aim of pursuing unsportsmanlike conduct.

When any unsportsmanlike conduct is detected, the organising committee will take the most appropriate action in each case.

Questions relating to contest rules and other matters can by sent by email to the organising committee at

EA1: AV, BU, C, LE, LO, LU, O, OU, P, PO, S, SA, SG, SO, VA, ZA
EA2: BI, HU, NA, SS, TE, VI, Z
EA3: B, GI, L, T
EA4: BA, CC, CR, CU, GU, M, TO
EA5: A, AB, CS, MU, V
EA7: AL, CA, CO, GR, H, J, MA, SE

NOTE: This contest is part of the Annual HF Championship organized by URE. This contest only accounted for EA stations.


All participants are recommended to work at a reasonable rate to encourage newcomers to CW and contests, from URE HF Contest Committee we ask you to not work above 25 wpm and to QRS when when called by a station at a speed considerably lower than ours.

From the HF Contest Committee we encourage those who are new to the CW to participate in the competition with the commitment of all participants to adapt their speed.

Example of a Cabrillo:

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4798.0
QSO: 14002 CW 2015-03-15 0840 EA0XXX           599 MU    WX0XXX        599 128
QSO:   7003 CW 2015-03-15 1227 EA0XXX           599 MU    EA1XXX         599 C