Contest Software

Freeware Spanish contest logger, easy and intuitive , it contains all Spanish contest and most important international contests.

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Contest loggin program and logbook, manage small contest on HF and VHF-UHF-SHF freeware for ham radio operators. Available only in Spanish.

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Freeware logging contest program, it contains most of Spanish contests, all the international contest and some local contest of other countries.

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Freeware logging contest program, fully customizable it contains all international contest and all Spanish contest, great support!.

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Licensed contest logging software, intuitive and complete, it contains all the international contests and some local contest of other countries.

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Licensed contest logging software by EA3EZG Jordi to management V-UHF Contests.

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Freeware logging contest program by IK3QAR, it contains EARTTY Contest, King of Spain Contest and many others.

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HAM radio logging for MAC by DL2RUM, especially made for the short wave DXer, made by a DXer. Basic logging features are included for the higher bands up to 1.2 cm and for satellite. A contest module is included. Run RTTY directly using Fldigi or your Elecraft transceiver.

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Contest logging program by K1GQ for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later, available on the App Store. The app is self-contained, except that you will need to install drivers for your serial hardware if it uses a type of USB-serial adapter not supported by macOS.

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