Suspend the Multi categories

Taking into consideration the recommendations the IARU made recently, the UNION DE RADIOAFICIONADOS ESPAÑOLES has decided to suspend the MM (Multioperator Multitransmitter) categories, both EA and DX, for the upcoming 2020 EARTTY contest, and the Monooperator portable and Multioperator portable categories in the COSTA DEL SOL V-UHF contest, to be held on 4th and 5th April.

This decision is made to show the need to avoid possible social gathering of participants from one location to take part in the contest, and the need to travel to a portable location, incompatible with the current situation, whilst at the same time encouraging other SO (single operator) categories from home.

We will also be studying taking this decision for the upcoming King of Spain CW, Segovia V-UHF contest (May), and King of Spain SSB and QSL U-UHF (June).

We trust that participants understand that these measures are taken in the current exceptional situation of the worldwide health alert. We remain at your disposal for any doubts or queries at y